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Welcome. I'm Leonie Macpherson.

I'm a multi-skilled therapist with qualifications in remedial massage and beauty services. Based in Sydney's inner west, I work from my boutique home clinic in Wareemba (near Five Dock). I have honed my skills in award-winning day-spas, salons and wellness centres across Sydney. Gift vouchers are available too. An appointment at my home clinic is necessary as walk-ins are not accepted so please book in advance. I look forward to helping you feel great !


the VIP treatment you deserve

Remedial Massage

$100 (60 min) / $80 (45 min) / $60 (30 min)

Tailored to your needs, remedial massage encourages the body's natural healing process. After consultation, various techniques are utilised for optimum results (i.e. deep tissue massage, stretching, mobilisation, acupressure and more).

- Longer appointments are available -

Indian Head Massage

$100 (60 min) / $80 (45min) / $60 (30 min)

This ancient Ayurvedic massage is profoundly relaxing and can calm the mind. Encompassing the shoulders, neck, face and scalp, the nourishing oil can reduce headaches, sinusitis and muscle tension while conditioning dry skin and hair.

Hot Stone Massage

$110 (60 min) / $90 (45 min)

It is said that when hot stones are used during a massage, the therapeutic benefit is raised by the power of 10. Heat trapped within each smooth volcanic stone penetrates deeply, melting away muscle tension and increasing circulation.

- Longer appointments are available -

Stress Relief massage

$100 (60 min) / $80 (45 min) / $60 (30 min)

If you have emotional pressure or a busy lifestyle, this nurturing massage can soothe the nervous system, reduce muscle tension and fatigue. Swedish massage, gentle stretching and Kahuna strokes will help to relieve your stress.

- Longer appointments are available -

Relaxing Aroma Massage

$105 (60 min) / $85 (45 min) / $65 (30 min)

Indulge the senses. Inhaled and applied, a tailored blend of beautiful essential oil is added to your massage to help relax or invigorate. Choose from a range of floral, spicy, woody, musk, or citrus aromas for an added touch of luxury.

- Longer appointments are available -

Pregnancy Massage

$100 (60 min) / $80 (45 min) / $60 (30 min)

Tailored to address issues that may arise with each trimester, this nurturing massage can help problems such as shortness of breath, swollen feet, back ache, sciatic pain, anxiety and fatigue. (NB - massage done in the side-lying position).

Chakra Stone Massage

$140 (90 min)

Balance the chakras with this heavenly massage including the Tibetan singing-bowl and gemstones. Long, gliding full body strokes are used with cool selenite stone and warm hands to relax you and restore harmony. 90 minutes is recommended.

Exfoliating Body Polish

$85 (45 min)

Beneficial for the lymphatic system, the skin is dry body brushed, then exfoliated with sea salt and coconut husk to buff off dead skin cells. Raw shea butter lotion with vitamin E is then applied to regenerate and hydrate tired thirsty skin.

Replenishing Facial

$105 (60 min) / $85 (45 min)

Look radiant and relaxed after this indulgent facial using essential oils and active ingredients. Be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised with trusted Australian skin care products, lovingly applied with massage to the head, neck, decolletage.

Hot Stone Pedi or Mani

$105 (60 min)

Be primped and preened while reclining and relaxing. After a warm hand or foot soak, your nails will be trimmed, filed and meticulously painted following a glorious hot stone mini hand or foot massage. (NB-please bring open toed shoes/ thongs)

Ear Candle Back Massage

$105 (60 min) / $85 (45min)

Relax while a burning candle gently clears the ears of wax via a natural vacuum process. Simultaneously, your shoulder and neck tension will melt away with a body butter massage, and a mini scalp / facial massage can help clear the sinuses. Bliss !

Warm Candle Wax Massage

$105 (60 min)

Imagine being drizzled with warm, melted soy bean candle wax, shea butter, jojoba oil and essential oils. If it sounds decadent, you're right... it is. This glorious full body massage will melt away your tension and leave your skin baby-soft.

- Longer appointments are available -

Meditation Massage

$100 (60 min)

Starting with deep diaphragmatic breathing to oxygenate the body, this powerful combination of slow massage to guided meditation helps those with shallow breathing and suffering emotional pain such as grief, bitterness, anxiety and rejection

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As well as giving one of the best hot stone massages in town, I sell affordable hot stone massage equipment to spas and therapists, Australia wide. Scroll through my growing list of products and feel free to ask any questions.